Elevate Your Cuisine: Essential Podi Varieties Every Cook Needs from SNL

  1. Kandi Podi: A South Indian favorite, Kandi Podi, also known as Paruppu Podi, is made from roasted lentils, spices, and garlic. Its nutty flavor and robust aroma make it a perfect accompaniment to steamed rice or dosas. Plus, it's rich in protein and adds a delightful crunch to meals.
  2. Nalla Karam Podi: Nalla Karam Podi, or Andhra-style Gunpowder, is a spicy blend of roasted red chilies, lentils, and sesame seeds. Its intense heat and smoky flavor make it a versatile condiment, perfect for sprinkling over idlis, dosas, or even popcorn. It's a must-have for spice enthusiasts!
  3. Peanut Podi: Peanut Podi, also known as Verkadalai Podi, is a deliciously nutty spice blend made from roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, and spices. Its rich, earthy flavor pairs well with rice, idlis, or even as a seasoning for salads. Plus, it's packed with protein and healthy fats, making it a nutritious choice.
  4. Curry Leaves Podi: Curry Leaves Podi is a fragrant blend of roasted curry leaves, lentils, and spices. Its aromatic flavor adds depth to South Indian dishes like rice, curries, or even yogurt. Plus, curry leaves are rich in antioxidants and have numerous health benefits, making this podi both flavorful and nutritious.
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