Elevate your meals: Pairing South indian pickles with everyday dishes

Are you ready to add a burst of flavors to your everyday meals? Look no further than the vibrant world of South Indian pickles! From fiery spices to tangy twists, these flavor-packed condiments are the perfect companion to any dish. Get ready to elevate your dining experience and tantalize your taste buds like never before!


Spice up your Breakfast:

Kickstart your day with a breakfast that's bursting with flavor! Swap your usual spreads for our Tomato Pachadi on toast or dosa. Feeling adventurous? Try pairing your idli or dosa with a side of our Gongura chicken pickle for a breakfast, that's bold, flavorful, and guaranteed to wake up your taste buds!

 Enhance your Lunch:

Make your midday meal memorable with the addition of SNL pickles. Mix a spoonful of our Andhra Gongura pickle into your rice and dal, or spice up your sandwich with a layer of tangy garlic pickle or chicken pickle. Feeling fancy? Whip up a South Indian-inspired salad and drizzle it with our coriander pickle dressing—it's the perfect way to add a punch of flavor to your lunchtime routine!

 Dinner Delights with Pickle Pairings:

Turn your evening meal into a culinary masterpiece with our spicy prawn pickle with a side of your dinner. Craving comfort food? Stuff your parathas with spicy potato filling and serve them with an array of pickles for a dinner that's both satisfying and sensational!

 Jazz Up your Snacks:

Add a fiery kick to your samosas with our pickle and for a refreshing and healthy snack option, pair crunchy cucumber sticks with a side of cooling yogurt raita infused with a hint of tangy coriander or Ginger pickle—it's the perfect combination of flavors and textures to keep you coming back for more!


With our SNL pickles by your side, every meal becomes a culinary adventure filled with bold flavors. So why wait? Elevate your meals today with the irresistible flavor of SNL pickles and experience a culinary journey like never before!

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