May Your Meals Be Blessed with SNL!

Ah, the joy of a delicious, home-cooked meal! But what if we could elevate it to a whole new level of flavor? That's where SNL comes In.

There's a reason why blessings are often centered around food. Food sustains us, brings us together, and can be a source of immense joy. And today, I'm here to introduce you to a flavor combination that will elevate your meals and have you saying, "May your meals be blessed!"

These pickles sound like they're bursting with flavor. Perhaps they're tangy and dill-icious, or maybe they have a hint of sweetness or spice. Whatever their secret ingredient is, SNL pickles seem like the perfect way to add a pucker-up punch to any dish.

Then there are podis. For the uninitiated, podis are lentil or spice powders that are a staple in South Indian cuisine. They come in a variety of flavors, from the fiery heat of Nalla karam podi to the aromatic nuttiness of peanut podi. Podis can be enjoyed in many ways: sprinkled over rice, mixed into vegetables, or even used as a dip for dosa or appam.

So, how do these two culinary creations come together? Imagine a plate of fluffy white rice, topped with a glistening SNL pickle spear. Now, sprinkle a generous amount of your favorite podi over the rice, letting the vibrant colors and enticing aromas come alive. 

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