Summer Treats from India's Regions!

As summer's scorching heat envelops India, each region has its own traditional cooling treats and thirst-quenchers to beat the blazing temperatures. From yogurt-based drinks to fruit ices, these regional specialties make summer more bearable and delicious across the country. Let's take a tour of some of India's most refreshing summer foods and drinks.

North India

  • Lassi - This classic yogurt-based drink, flavored with rose water, salt, or fruit, is a staple in the northern plains states like Punjab. On sweltering days, tall glasses of sweet or salted lassi instantly cools you down.
  • Chuski/Gola - Chuski or gola refers to cups filled with finely shaved ice soaked in flavored syrups like kala khatta (tangy tamarind), orange, rose, or khus (sweet roots). These icy treats are found from street vendors across North India.

West India

  • Aamras - The king of Maharashtrian summer foods, this lush puree is made from sweet Alfonso mangoes, saffron, cardamom, and milk. Eaten plain or over poori breads.
  • Solkadhi - A pale pink drink from coastal Maharashtra made by blending kokam (garlic-mango) juice with coconut milk, cumin, green chillies, and more cooling ingredients.

South India

  • Nannari Sharbat/Saidey - This bright green drink made from the nannari plant's roots is a beloved summer cooler in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Laced with refreshing flavors like neem, lemon, coriander, and cumin.
  • Panakam/Panaka - This jaggery and lemon-based drink is synonymous with summer celebrations in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Often topped with dry fruits and saffron.

East & Northeast India

  • Ghol/Chhanga - A cooling drink from Odisha made by churning cucumbers and tomatoes together, spiced with cumin, salt, green chilies, and more.
  • Nude/Nuided Chaai - From Sikkim and other Northeastern states, this super healthy drink is made by fermenting, drying, and then brewing fresh bamboo shoots or meyne shoots into a tea-like beverage.

So this summer, beat the heat and transport your tastebuds across India by trying these regional thirst-quenchers and fruit delights! From yogurt coolers to tropical fruit blends, these specialties are perfect for your warm weather cravings.

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