Beating the Heat with Fermented Foods: A Cool Tradition for Hot Indian Summers🔥

As summer's scorching temps take over India, many fams turn to a time-honored tradition to help them stay chill: incorporating fermented foods into their diets. These probiotic-rich foods don't just add a flavor bomb 💣, they've been shown to have innumerable health perks that make them the perfect addition to warm weather meals.

Fermented Foods

  While probiotic supps and foods like yogurt, kefir, and kombucha have gained major popularity across the world in recent years, Indians have been consuming fermented delicacies for literally thousands of years. From idli and dosa batters to dhokla, cheeses, pickles, chutneys, kanji, and so much more, fermentation is deeply ingrained into the nation's culinary culture.

The Cooling Factor of Fermented Fare

Beyond their unmistakable tangy flavors, fermented foods are incredibly well-suited for summer diets for a few key reasons. First, they have a cooling effect on the body thanks to their abundance of probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes. They are also easier to digest than many other foods, preventing that heavy, sluggish feel that can worsen when temps rise.

Many Indian households make a point of incorporating fermented fare at every meal in the hotter months. Starting the day with idli, dosa, or dhokla provides all the probiotic benefits first thing. 🔥 Chutneys and pickles add brightness and zip to accompanying curries and dals. Even traditional thirst-quenchers like kanji and bel sharbat showcase fermentation's ability to cool and hydrate from the inside out.

Gut Health for Summer Wellness

In addition to their cooling properties, regularly eating fermented foods gives the body a boost of beneficial probiotics that are nothing short of essential for overall health, especially during scorching summers. Probiotics promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, which is crucial when the summer heat can easily dehydrate and deplete the body's levels of vital vitamins and minerals.

Scientists have discovered that the gut microbiome (the trillions of bacteria that live inside the human gut) is connected to every major system of the body. An abundance of healthy probiotic bacteria helps balance the entire body, bolstering immunity, reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, and even boosting mood. All of these probiotic perks help the body stay strong and resilient, even when temps are 🥵.

Level Up Your Summer Spread

Whether you want to prevent overheating or just give your gut microbiome some nourishing variety, try embracing the tradition of fermented foods this summer season. From pickled 'shrooms and fermented cauli rice to fermented mango curry and beet kvass, there's an endless array of tangy options to experiment with. Your body (and tastebuds!) will thank you when the warm weather hits. It's a total win-win!

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