Podi Seasoning Oil!!

Making Your Own Podi Seasoning Oil:

Here's the beauty of podi oil - it's incredibly customizable!

    1. Choose Your Podi: Any podi variety works. Spicy SNL Nalla karam podi, nutty peanut podi, or a unique blend - the choice is yours!
    1. Oil Selection: Sesame oil is traditional, but feel free to experiment. Peanut oil adds a subtle nuttiness, while sunflower oil offers a neutral base.
    1. The Mix: The ratio of podi to oil depends on your preference. Start with a 1:2 (podi:oil) ratio and adjust to your taste.


    • Heat it Up (Optional): For an extra flavor boost, gently heat the oil with some curry leaves or mustard seeds before adding the podi.
    • Fresh is Best: While podi oil has a good shelf life, freshly made oil delivers the most intense flavor.
    • Spice it Up: Like things extra fiery? Add a dash of red chili powder to your oil.

Podi Powerhouse:

Podi seasoning oil is a game-changer for your South Indian culinary adventures. It's a flavor booster, a time-saver, and a delicious way to add an authentic touch to your meals. So, fire up the stove, unleash your podi creativity, and get ready to experience a flavor explosion!

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