SNL Deserves the Crown!!

Craving a touch of home cooking? Look no further than SNL Pickles! Founded by Sri Naga Lakshmi, SNL Pickles is a brand built on tradition, love, and a whole lot of flavor.

More Than Just a Pickle:

SNL Pickles offers a range of delectable options that go way beyond the average pickle jar. Their website promises "heartwarming, authentic dishes with love-infused recipes," and that's exactly what you get. From their signature Andhra Chicken Pickle to their tangy Kandi Podi, each bite is an explosion of taste that transports you straight to a home-cooked meal.

The SNL Difference:

What truly sets SNL Pickles apart is their dedication to quality and authenticity. They use only the finest ingredients and traditional methods to create pickles that burst with flavor. Plus, they're a women-led venture, bringing a special touch of care and passion to every jar.

Spice Up Your Life:

Whether you're a pickle aficionado or simply looking to add a zing to your meals, SNL Pickles has something for you. Their range caters to different spice levels, so you can find the perfect pickle to complement your dish.

Beyond the Pickle Jar:

SNL Pickles isn't just about pickles (although they are pretty darn good!). They also offer a glimpse into the world of Andhra cuisine, a regional Indian style of cooking known for its bold flavors and use of spices. Their website offers a glimpse into the story behind the brand and the women who make it all possible.

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