Universal Language : Pickles

Pickles may have different names across states/regions, but evoke the same emotions and connectedness.

While the names for pickles can vary from place to place, the emotional resonance they carry is universal. In New York, they're simply "pickles." Head down to Texas or Oklahoma and you'll hear "piccalilli" or even just "pie." 

No matter what you call them though, that first crisp, sour bite instantly transports you back to childhood - sitting on a rickety stool at a diner counter, chasing the pickle chips around your grandma's plate at a family barbecue, or happily crunching away on one plucked straight from the huge barrel at the front of the grocery store.

Pickles are one of those rare foods that unite us across regions, cultures, and generations. They're the perfect tangy balance to a rich, smoky summer barbecue plate in Memphis or Kansas City. A crucial crunchy, briny topping for a Chicago-style hot dog. An essential sidekick to a savory Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich.

From Southern humidity to Midwestern winters, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, that distinctive pickle brine aroma wafting through backyards and kitchen windows is a reminder of our shared heritage and memories. Pickles are humble, unpretentious, and delicious - a truly pan-American food.

So whether you're biting into a SNL Chicken pickle from south or a nice half-sour from the Upper West Side or popping a hot, crispy okra pickle in the Deep South, take a moment to appreciate the emotional superpowers packed into that puckery punch of flavor. Pickles have the ability to simultaneously tell regional stories and tap into universal feelings of comfort, connection, and home.


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