What Doesn't Taste Better With Pickles? 馃槏

If you're a true blue Indian food lover, you know that pickles (achaar) are the real MVPs that add the perfect tangy, spicy, crunchy zing to all kinds of dishes. From simple dals and chawal to the most lavish biryanis and kebabs - is there anything that doesn't taste better with a generous dollop of achaar on top? We think not! 馃尪锔

These briny, flavor-bomb condiments have a way of instantly amping up any meal. A humble cheela or dosa? Add some lime pickle for a burst of citrusy oomph. A boring old sandwich? Slather on some mango pickle for a desi twist. Even cheese and crackers get an incredible savory upgrade when paired with the right achaar.

But pickles aren't just food toppers - they are legit meal makers too. A pickle thaali with assorted varieties like bamboo shoot, chicken, prawns and more is the ultimate comfort food indulgence. Scoop up the pungent oil left behind with hot phulkas for pure nirvana! 馃い Even regular snacking gets an addictive upgrade with tangy lime achaar mixed into sev, murmuras, or good ol' nimbu pani.

From gongura to jeeravan, from gundruk to naranga, every regional cuisine of India has its own special pickle pride. Andhra pickles are a league apart with their iconic avakaya mixes. Bengal swears by its tangy-sweet kancha amer talkaa. And for Gujaratis, no Undhiyu is complete without the kicky garlic chundo. Clearly, we Indians are a nation obsessed with all things pickled, fermented and funky!

So the next time you're whipping up something delish, don't be shy about loading up on the achaars. A tantalizing trail of tang and crunch always takes any dish to the next level of YUM! 馃構 Besides, what doesn't taste better with pickles, really?

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